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Okay, I am giving you an optimistic and reasonable review about your art. This is such a wonderful and magnificent drawing, and I understand that you placed the watermark to prevent theft. I can respect that.

I gave you 3.5 of 5 stars for good presentation and lack for specific details about your artwork.

However, I have some confidence in you.

This is a wonderful artwork, Dan-Dark!

Although, I still can't find out what's the name of this character and what'd he do.

But, overall, keep up the good work!

Love the artwork of Teen Titans superheroine Raven, Shadman!

Here's the website http://www.dccomics.com/

That's a wonderful concept of Street Fighter that you made, Jaimito! XD

This artwork is based on Norman Rockwell's "Freedom from Want." Additionally, you did an amazing job in creating these characters around the tribute to give it more "punch."

Thank you so much for posting this magnificent art in the NG community!

Hey, Krinkels! Lovely and magnificent drawing of James.

This artwork shows a good soldier that uses his guns to save people that he likes

Keep up with the good work! :D

Krinkels, this stretch is very outstanding and marvelous!

However, it still needs a very few pointers:

Just add color to your artwork of Street Fighter's character, Cammy.

But, like I said, keep up the good work!

The Shading, this artwork is FUCKING magnificent!

I could just visit your website and leave comments for your masterpieces of artwork.

JohnnyUtah, this piece of artwork is extremely fantastic! XD

You did an undoubtedly amazing job in creating THIS art that is dedicated to Newgrounds. Plus, you made its background that is Japan. You did all this to make this website extremely popular on the outside of United States. You've just blew my mind with this well-recieved artwork that is ever submitted in Newgrounds.

Great job! (giving you two thumbs-up.)

That's a freakin' sweet artwork that you ever made, Jazza!

Nice expansion to the possible reference of the popular "Power Rangers" francise. It was awesome, that's all I had to say.


That's an extremely awesome piece of artwork right there! :D

I've appreciated your work that is dedicated to the entire staff of Newgrounds. Thanks for your support, JohnnyUtah. That is a well-received artwork that you've ever submitted to Newgrounds.

Keep up the good work! (giving you a thumb-up and winking my eye in satisfation.)

JohnnyUtah responds:


Bring on the Hoskins Family to Newgrounds tonight! This is going to be an Alex-cellent moment of my life! Huzzah to Newgrounds! Optimism and friendliness for eternity! Doog is good in backwards.

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