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RIP Edd Gould: :'(

Thank you for making this video. It is one of my favorite flash movies. We'll never forget you, dude.

Ok, the sequel of "Mario's Castle Calamity" -- I love it! I mean, I like the way that you added more sprites of various characters that appeared in every Mario's attempt to destroy the castle. Also, I've got a hand to you, Jeremy Simms. You did all that to make this well-received project interesting to view and watch. It always has a punch line AND someone getting hurt. Thank you so much for your time, Jeremy Simms. I appreciated it.

Hey, great work on the parody of "Sly Cooper" series. I like the way that you did on the expressions of main characters. However, I didn't hear you mention the ability of rotating icons with dual joysticks during video game cheats. But, like I said, you did a great representation on this marvelous submission on Newgrounds. Thank you very much for your time, you guys!

Jeremy Simms, I've got to tell you that this video is very comical and outright hilarious! I mean, I was LOL on most scenes of this movie, such as Luigi being terrified of the little Goomba and having terrible impressing Princess Peach. I could likely add it to my favorites. This is a fantastic comedy movie that you ever submitted to Newgrounds, Jeremy Simms. Thank you very much!

That's a fantastic clip that you made, guys!

I think that I like a new changes on this design on Newgrounds so far.

Really cool, guys.

Everyone in Newgrounds is going to like this game called GroundCats.

I am so proud of you for your amazing effort on this project, guys. It was unbelievably awesome and epic. This is going to be much cooler as superhero and comedy film combined.

Shadic15, I've got to tell you that this video is comedical and outright hilarious! I mean, I always wanted to watch comedy videos of "Sonic the Hedgehog." Additionally, you did a great job with adding Mario to make your project even more hilarious. That is generally a beautiful project that you ever made, Shadic15. Seriously, I was LOL on most scenes of this movie. Great job and good luck! =)

Shadic15 responds:

Thank you very much. I really appreciate that kind of review ^_^

Alvin, the second episode of your famous Mario project is fantastic! :)

This mostly focuses on the conflict between Mario and Bowser. Man, this thing NEVER gets old. I've appreciated your work on the sound effects and phrases in this episode. The funniest moment is when Mario successfully defeated his mortal enemy, he threw Bowser right into the screen. I mean, this is the best video that you ever submitted, Mark Haynes. Thank you so much!

Alvin, I've appreciated your work on this episode of SMBZ.

Here's my responses:

This episode shows suspense between certain points.

It also shows a new group of villains called the Koopa Bros, who make a reference of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Additionally, it shows the introduction of Mario Bros.

I liked the part where the heroes attempted to defeat the Koopa Bros. for the Chaos Emerald, but to no success.

I gave this video A and 95/100. Great job and good luck, Alvin!

SuperMarioFan9000, I've appreciated your work on the Mario flash movie, but I believe it needs a bit more effort. However, I liked the part where the Mario Brothers fought their way through the clones of evil version of Sonic. Seriously, I described this video as the best action movie, but I want you to try harder making these animations, OK? Thank you so much for your time.

SuperMarioFan9000 responds:

No it's not the evil version of Sonic, it's just Shi the demon from Milan0077..
Thanks, I will do it on the next part.

Bring on the Hoskins Family to Newgrounds tonight! This is going to be an Alex-cellent moment of my life! Huzzah to Newgrounds! Optimism and friendliness for eternity! Doog is good in backwards.

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