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The video with many laughs and good sense of humor

OK, the sequel of "Mario's Castle Collab" -- I like it a lot! I mean, I wouldn't believe that Mario actually managed to toss the enormous amount of objects and obstacles inside the cannon in an desperate attempt to destroy the castle. Additionally, I liked the part where the huge robot activated many weapons to sabotage the castle (which Mario was obsessed to). Afterwards, Mario fell into despair over failing to destroy the castle, but when he pounded his fist against the blood-covered castle, it turned into dust, much to Mario's happiness. However, the funniest part was that Mario accidentally tripped his injured brother, knocking the 1-up mushroom, completely and unintentionally respairing the castle. This must be the greatest gift that anyone paid us. That's a wonderful video, Travis!

The successful video of all time!

In the sequel of episode 5 of SMBZ, there was a three-way battle for the most important items of all: 2 Chaos Emeralds and the Chaos Emerald Radar! This conflict continued until the evil and malicious Mecha Sonic arrived on the scene, causing total mayhem on Yoshi's Island. Luckily, near the end of the episode, Sonic and Mario worked together to stop Mecha Sonic on his sinful tracks by absorbing the Invincible Star with each other in order to retrieve the 4 Chaos Emeralds via their possession. I found this video as the highly-anticipated episode of my favorite flash animation. Good job, Alvin!

The fantastic, marvelous and exceptional video...

I liked the part where Sonic tried to have a heart-to-heart talk with Shadow about his feelings, relationships and personality. After the heroes raided Bowser and Dr. Eggman's evil Doomship in an attempt to rescue Princess Peach, they were defeated by the cruel Basilisx, and their fate is currently unknown. I wonder if Shadow has a softer side, he would've saved Mario from Basilisx's hands. Alvin, I was just wondering If you could try to make a brand-new SMBZ episode for us fans on this year, maybe on April 2012? Thank you very much.

Extremely radical

I loved the part when both Mario and Sonic teamed up with each other to battle Mecha Sonic, even in 1985 fashion of "Super Mario." This conflict could make my bombastic needs more interesting.

Bring on the Hoskins Family to Newgrounds tonight! This is going to be an Alex-cellent moment of my life! Huzzah to Newgrounds! Optimism and friendliness for eternity! Doog is good in backwards.

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