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The amazing video that I've ever watched!

Alvin, this video was fantastic! This episode features the full appearences of Sonic and Shadow, the unlikely duo from "Sonic the Hedgehog" series. My favorite part was that after Yoshi found the red Chaos Emerald, he suddenly began the conflict with the evil Mecha Sonic while trying to protect it. That is most likely the beautiful flash animation that you ever created for Newgrounds. Great job, Alvin!

The best Mario action movie that's ever made!

It's the greatest movie that you ever created, Darius R. I mean, my favorite part was that the Mario Bros. were fighting their enemies while the rock music started. However, I just couldn't believe that they were arrested for stealing the magic rod. The episode mostly follows the Mario Bros. as they tried to prove their innocence by catching someone who stole the magic rod. That's a wonderful flash animation that you ever made, Darius R. Thank you very much.

Magnificent features:
Rock music
and Dark humor

Wonderful action video with lots of fighting...

That's a wonderful project that you created, Ian Kelly. This conflict between Mario and Bowser is one of my favorites that happened in Mario series. I often watched it 39 times! I've got to tell you that you did a fantastic job making Mario videos by yourself.

I gave this video an A+ and 98/100. Thank you very much.

Great action-packed video with many laughs!

I like this 20-minute special episode of The Thwomps, Ian Kelly. There was a huge conflict between the Mario Bros. and the Thwomps, which took place inside Bowser's castle. I mean, I couldn't believe that the Thwomps actually cooperated to gain control of Bowser's castle. My favorite part was a fight between the Mario Bros. and the malicious Thwomps.

I gave this video an A and 94/100. Thank you very much for this video, Ian Kelly.

Happy new year!

This video is my favorite action movie!

I like the way you created this video, Darius R. and Matt Morandi! I mean, I liked the part where Mario barely escaped from the mask with the key via his possession. Also, the monkey duo followed him wherever he went with the key. They were curious about what the key was for and set out to find out. I find this video as quite interesting and I could likely add it to my favorites.

I gave this project an B and 88/100. Thank you very much and happy new year!

That's a lovely and magnificent video ever!

OK, the space-themed episode of Bowser's Kingdom -- I like it a lot! I mean, I couldn't believe that both Jeff and Hal actually got lost in space and had to go through several mishaps to stay alive. I loved the part where after Jeff consumed the ghost mushroom, Luigi started to chase him around the planet, while "The Ghostbusters" music started. Also, Hal and Jeff killed another Toad before hi-jacked his rocket ship from another planet, which led to them having a run-in with Star Fox's battle ship. Due to its reference to "Super Mario Galaxy" and its funniest moments, I described this video as the highly-anticipated episode of Bowser's Kingdom. Great job, Andrew!

The excellent video of all time!

Andrew Raskin, this video was incredible! This episode centers both Hal and Jeff who accidentally caused death on three people: Princess Peach, Toad and even Steve. But however, I showed sympathy for Princess Peach when Jeff flipped Bowser's copter, releasing a heavy ball under her, killing her. Also, I liked the part where Jeff and Hal wondered around the kingdom for someplace to park the copter, but ended up making matters worse. I even saw the fact that Hal broke the fourth wall when he explained about what Bowser was saying in dialogue.

I gave this video an A- and 92/100. I like this video and thank you very much.

Splendid and spectacular musical video of all time

This video is fantastic, DarqV! I mean, I liked the part where Doctor Mario sang about his medicine that were supposed to cure his patients' condition. This song could be reference of Dr. Mario's own theme. I like it a lot!

I gave this video an B+ and 90/100.

So, congratulations on this video and thank you very much.

Quite wonderful video that I've ever watched!

I like the way that you made this video, Jeremy Simms. This comedy centers around Mario's brother, Luigi who keeps getting tortured in many events, such as his run-in with Koopas and running off cliffs. It's sure warm my heart just to watch this clip. Nice and well done, Bigfoot3290!

The best comedy video that's ever made!

I've got a hand to you, Ian Kelly. Your project is most likely the wonderful flash animation. I mean, I loved the part where Mario went to great lengths to catch the crafty Buzzy Beetle in order to retrieve hi precious 1-up mushroom.

Fantastic, marvelous and way above average -- I gave it an A- and 95/100.

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