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That movie focuses on the relationships and how to deal with stress. That was very touching!

Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much for releasing this episode to keep this show alive!

Oh, man, I pitted Edd Gould for his death due to cancer. I miss him a lot. :(

We could try to encourage your work to continue the series. Keep up the good work!

Dude, this episode of The Steven Seagal Show contains brutal violence and mild sense of humor! I respect that. Here are my responses that I describe for your animation:





Overall, I give this submission 90% of 100%! Keep up the good work!

Chakra-X, I am giving you an respectful review full of optimistic, constructive criticism. This movie was pretty magnificent, but it needs some improvement, and here are some pointers:

By a long way, the best parts were the dramatic screenshots of the environment/space, and the banter between the characters. Despite its inadequate acting, they did well on the development of the movie. The effects in the space scenes were actually TOO realistic in contrast with the fighting effects, which made it like different parts very inconsistent.

However, some parts leave a lot to be desired. For example, the combat turned out be the worst parts of the movie. It was melded together into a mess of transformations, power-up sequences and overly elaborate energy blasts. It's pretty unconvincing, although it appears that some of the audience likes that sort of event.

I liked the character art, though. It was apparently unique yet simple at times. It appeared to be done by keen digital art drawing, which is pretty stylish for a smooth animation effect. But, a bit of extra emotional support and encouragement would help you out.

*Overall though, this movie was pretty radical and decent! Good job!

Chakra-X responds:

...Waaaait a minute

That's a comedical clip that you ever made, HotDiggedyDemon!

Additionally, it shows that Sonic unintentionally caused his suicide of all "original" characters comparing to the Sonic the Hedgehog universe. Keep up the good work.

Pkmn2, I like the way that you created this flash movie. It's so amazing, spendid and magnificent at the same time! I am so impressed. Additionally, I've got to say that this was awesome of what you made a story sequence and a fighting scene between Marichi and a bird. And I was touched by that thing between you and Ran-Cossak at the end. That was undoubtedly hilarious.

This movie reminds me of the other author's creation. It's called "SMB: Heroes of the Stars."
Here's his website:

http://xxkaijuking91xx.deviantart.com /

By the way, thank you for showing us this video. It was awesome.

Pienkaito responds:

Why wouldn't I show this? It would be stupid if I wouldn't.
Anyway, thanks for watching.

(Why do people keep linking me to KaijuKing91? Not that I complain or anything. He's a great guy! XD)

This is also one of my animations of Edd Gould.

Hey, Newgrounds users. Click helpful if I think that Edd Gould was one of the most famous autors in Newgrounds and that we'll never forget him.

(while laughing): HotDiggedyDemon, that clip is outright hilarious and spectacular, I can respect that. XD

Additionally, it mostly focuses on Applejack, that has an insatiable obsession for apples. However, this causes her to suffer in an comatose state, to the point where she is nearly choked to death.

This is a best comedy that you ever created, HotDiggedyDemon!

Keep up the good work and thank you for your time!

This is my absolute favorite of all Edd's animated cartoons, as WTFuture hold an extremely major place in my heart. The punch line, situations, comedical timing, marvelous cast of voice actors, and high quality animation made this (in my opinion) one of the well-received animations ever made. The skill and effort put into this submission is very noticeable. He enjoyed doing what he did. The fact that he could make such an amazing animation stay interesting AND entertaining throughout nearly 11 minutes is no small feat. Of all of Edd Gould's animations, WTFuture deserved all the praise and glory it receives, and much more. We'll never forget him.

RIP Edd Gould :'(

MindChamber, that movie just became a real treat to view and watch after Newgrounds praised it and placed it on the front page with other videos.

Additionally, I was impressed by your hard work on creating this video about a parody of RoboCop.

Keep up with the good work!

Bring on the Hoskins Family to Newgrounds tonight! This is going to be an Alex-cellent moment of my life! Huzzah to Newgrounds! Optimism and friendliness for eternity! Doog is good in backwards.

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